Students at West Coast SESC are encouraged to develop skills relevant to their individual needs and to take pride in their achievements. They are supported to embrace opportunities to fulfill their educational and personal goals in order to successfully participate in all aspects of their lives and their communities. As a staff, we are proud of our school and its students. We strive to respect each other and work collaboratively to make a difference in the lives of our students and their families. Our community acknowledges our student’s potential and actively welcomes them into workplaces to develop skills and confidence for their post-school futures.

The Centre can accept all students who are eligible for an education support placement, as long as places are available, but free transport to the Centre on a school bus will only be provided by the Department of Transport if the West Coast Secondary Education Support Centre is the closest Centre to the students home address.

At West Coast Secondary Education Support Centre we are committed to providing a relevant and inclusive education program for each student. We want them to be able to achieve their highest potential and to be well prepared to live and work in a rapidly changing and diverse society.  To see the diverse range of programs that our school offers, please click on the Programs link under the Centre Information tab.

Pastoral care, friendship groups, and protective behaviours are some of the other priority areas, and our success in these areas is demonstrated by the close friendship groups that develop within the Centre and continue after the students leave school.

We work conscientiously to prepare students for work and leisure and have a high rate of success with students obtaining work placements in their final school year. Other students begin TAFE courses and continue with them after school too. For the students for whom work will not be an option, we arrange appointments with Alternatives to Employment representatives to start the process of applying for funding to support the family after school ends.

We also consider it essential to provide support to parents and guardians to prepare them for when their child leaves school. We provide information sessions with guest speakers from a range of external agencies that will support them after school finishes.