We are not just about teaching and learning but take a holistic approach supporting students, parents and carers on their journeys. We offer more than one pathway and open up an array of choices to them.

West Coast SESC actively assists students with securing either employment or further training opportunities. We learn of many opportunities available to our students and continue to forge positive relationships with organisations such as EDGE Employment, ACTIV, Goodwill Engineering and Paraquad.

Students access a variety of Post School Options and Alternative to Employment Pathways. A number of students have accessed further educational opportunities at Central TAFE, Polytechnic West and West Coast Institute of Training.

Our students have gained employment in supportive workshops and some gain employment directly through their work placement experiences.

The anxiety and concern at the end of schooling for our Year 12 students is apparent not only in our students but also in parents/ carers. High levels of stress are regularly noted during teacher/parent communication, so we decided to ease this transition by giving parents the knowledge they require giving them a sense of control and calm at this crucial transition stage for their child. This led to the creation of the Coffee Club in 2012, which is now known as the Open Café.

Employment Transition for People with Disability Peer 2 Peer Employment Mentoring Program

The NDS Peer 2 Peer Employment Mentor Program aims to support families to speak to someone who has also undertaken this school-to-work journey. The Peer 2 Peer parent mentors will share their experience, their knowledge and help you and your family to identify the opportunities and raise aspirations around what can be achieved by your child.

Parents of people with disability who are eligible for support through Disability Services Commission or NDIS programs can access this mentoring. There is no cost for this service. Each family will receive 10 hours of mentoring with the mentor of their choice.

For more information about this, please contact the National Disability Services.