What Ability Day - Perth 2023

Location: WA Athletics Stadium, Stephenson Ave, Floreat WA 6014

Date and Time: Thurs 5 October, 11am - 1pm

Cost: FREE

The What Ability Day at WA Athletics Stadium is a free disability inclusive event to meet your local athletes.  We’re inviting people with a disability, and their family, to join us on the day!
There will be an: Activity zone to play alongside our What Ability Athletes , Chill out zone to hang out with friends and Media zone to see our athletes and key What Ability support workers

RSVP essential: https://www.eventbrite.com/.../what-ability-day-at-wa...

Scitech Excursion: Area B, F and G

On Tuesday in Week 10, Area B, F and G students had the opportunity to visit Scitech, to consolidate Science and HASS concepts learned throughout the term.

Area B students have been learning how to identify different forms of energy and are developing an understanding of how electrical energy is generated from different sources, transferred and causes change within systems. They have also been learning how to classify resources as renewable or non-renewable and investigating examples of each type in Australia. Area F students have been learning about contact and non-contact forces and conducting various investigations using push and pull forces, gravity and magnetic forces.  Area G students are developing their understanding of the Earth and its place in space that culminated in a planet research project that they presented to peers. 

First, students visited the planetarium and took part in an immersive experience of the Earth’s place in space. They also watched a short film called “We are Aliens”, which explored how scientists are looking for life beyond Earth and where we might find it. Next, they took part in an interactive science show that was all about electricity before accessing a range of hands-on experiments, which built and expanded on their knowledge of Physical Sciences, particularly different types of forces and how they make different objects move. We then ate lunch together before taking the coach back to school.

It was a fun-filled day full of lots of exciting activities.

Mrs Christine Abbott (Area F teacher), Mrs Tara Murphy (Area G teacher) and Ms Julie Day (Area B teacher)

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You Can Do It! assembly

On the last Wednesday of term 3 we held our You Can Do It assembly.

Students from Area A, Area H and Area M hosted the assembly this term. The You Can Do It focus for this term has been persistence.                                                                       Lots of students at West Coast Secondary Education Support Centre have been demonstrating these skills in many ways. Some examples of how we show persistence is to

  • work towards a goal despite setbacks and obstacles,
  • keep a positive attitude and
  • try to stay strong and push though when times get tough.

Students from Area A, Area H and Area M entertained the school to an energetic, happy and inclusive song and dance presentation.

This was followed by some inspiring student speeches on personal persistence stories from Ramon, Matilda and Chellsey.

Lastly, Mrs Broxton presented selected students from each of the classrooms with a persistence certificate.  Seven lucky students were drawn from a hat and awarded with a movie ticket voucher.

Well done to the students of Area A, Area H and Area M for treating us all to a wonderful assembly.

Mrs Janet Rogers
Area H Teacher

Baby Think It Over program

On Tuesday the 19th of September the senior school swaps students and Area A participated in the 'Baby Think It Over' program.  The program involves students caring for a 'virtual baby'.  It is almost the same as a real baby.  It weighs the same as a six-week-old baby and will cry until its needs are responded to.  The babies need feeding, burping, nappy changing, rocking, good head support, gentle handling and prompt attention.

We started the day with a Baby Think It Over facilitator introducing the programming, explaining the benefits of the program.  She explained the needs of the babies and how we would tend to those needs successfully.  Students were invited to select a baby of their choice and whether they would have the day for the day or the day and the night.  The students experienced a range of emotions in response to the babies crying.  Some babies cried a lot more than others.  Some babies were quieter and easier to soothe than others.  The overwhelming majority of students have noted that they are not ready to have the responsibilities of caring for a real life baby and advised that they would want to wait until they are closer to thirty to take on that parenting role!

Mrs Suzie Nileshwar
Teacher Area M

AFL Kickability Kalability Carnival

On the 6th of September, students from West Coast had the privilege of participating in the highly anticipated Kalability Kickability AFL carnival. It was a day filled with teamwork, sportsmanship, and unforgettable moments, hosted by Kalamunda SESC at their local oval.

Representing our school with pride, we brought along 36 students to partake in this fantastic event. The excitement was palpable as our students eagerly took to the field, ready to showcase their skills and compete with their peers from other schools.

Our students were divided into three teams, each brimming with talent and enthusiasm. Two of these teams competed in the fiercely competitive Division 1, while the third team represented us in Division 2. What united them all was the spirit of the game, a shared determination to give their best, and the commitment to demonstrate great sportsmanship throughout the day.

Though the day didn't bring home a shiny trophy this time, the real victory lay in the spirit of our students. Every player poured their hearts into the game, leaving it all on the field with maximum effort and a true passion for AFL. Their sportsmanship was exemplary, earning the respect and admiration of all those in attendance. We are incredibly proud of our students for their outstanding efforts and for representing West Coast SESC with such enthusiasm and class.

We'd also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the organizers and the West Coast staff members who made this day possible. Your dedication and support were instrumental in ensuring our students had a fantastic time and a safe, enjoyable experience.

As we reflect on the Kalability Kickability AFL carnival, we're filled with pride and excitement for the future. We look forward to more opportunities for our students to shine, compete, and build lasting memories through sports (and maybe bring back a trophy or two along the way).

Congrats West Coast!

Mr Ryan Koppl
Physical Education Teacher


Students in Year 11 spent the first semester completing the Keys4Life Pre-driver Education program during Health classes.

Keys4Life is a School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA) initiative, that has over 15 years of State Government support. The program was delivered by staff members at our school who have been trained by SDERA, to ensure lessons are accurate, relevant, and engaging.

Keys4Life is a twenty-lesson, evidence-based program that is linked to the Western Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education Syllabus, WA Licensing System and WA Certificate of Education. Students were involved in activities that promote safe driving and positive attitudes. Above all, Keys4Life builds a culture of respect and responsibility, and an appreciation that driving is a privilege, not a right.

Students that were involved in this course had a keen interest in the information and were engaged in every lesson. By completing the course our students have been given the opportunity to undertake their legitimate Learner’s Permit Theory Test at school, culminating in licensing benefits that are recognised at all Department of Transport Driver and Vehicle Services Centres throughout Western Australia. Congratulations to Kaine, Aaron, Milan, Jade, Mikayla, Ramon, Taleigha and Jayden who all passed the Keys4Life program. Due to the success of the program, we will continue to run it and give students who missed out this year the opportunity to try again next year.

Congratulations again to those students that passed the Key4Life program, this is a huge achievement!

Mr Ryan Koppl
Physical Education Teacher

Athletics Carnival

Our recent Athletics Carnival was held on the 24th of August. This fantastic event brought together the students from both West Coast SESC and Warwick Senior High School.

The Athletics Carnival, held on a sunny August day, was a testament to the remarkable athletic talents and determination of our students. Participants engaged in a diverse range of track and field events, including sprints, long jump, discus, shot put, tug of war, novelty games, and for the fearless few, the ever-challenging triple jump! It was a day filled with thrilling moments and unforgettable experiences for all.

In the weeks leading up to the carnival, our students put in the hard work during their physical education lessons to prepare for each athletic challenge. This dedication and commitment paid off as our students developed a deep understanding of the rules and objectives of each event, ensuring they were ready to give their best on the big day.

One of the highlights of the day was the display of faction pride. West Coast students proudly wore their faction colours, demonstrating their allegiance and providing valuable points to their teams through enthusiastic participation and unwavering effort. It was great to witness the unity and support among our students.

Our students not only represented their factions with pride but also demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship and skill throughout the carnival. Many of them secured victory in their respective heats, showcasing their athletic prowess and dedication to excellence. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and the values they exhibited on the field.

The Athletics Carnival served as a wonderful platform for integrating West Coast SESC and Warwick SHS students. It was a day where students were able to strengthen relationships with the neighbouring students. The spirit of competition was always friendly, and the sense of belonging was clearly seen.

We eagerly anticipate what next year's Athletic Carnival will bring. It is an occasion we all look forward to with great excitement, knowing it will be another day filled with athleticism, team spirit, and the coming together of our wonderful school community

In closing, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all students, teachers, staff, and parents who made this year's Athletics Carnival such a memorable and successful event. Your unwavering support and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated.

Until next year!

Mr Ryan Koppl
Physical Education Teacher

Chicken feed...

In weeks 6 and 7 of this term, students from Area G were proud to play host to the Bushrangers hatching program, supported by the team at “You Hatch Us”.  Ten eggs were supplied as a part of the program and placed in an incubator within the classroom.  Whilst our first couple of days were somewhat uneventful, by day three our first chick, “Peri Peri,” finally broke free from its shell and became a fully fledged member of the Area G class!

Students from all classes were timetabled in to visit with our chicks, explore the hatching process, understand the chicken lifecycle and hold a baby chick with the help of our staff.  In total we had eight successful hatchings, five girls and three boys, with all five hens going on to find a home with Ms Adila’s family.  Our three rooster have also gone on to live an exciting new lifestyle with the breeding program at “You Hatch Us”.

Well done to all students who took part in the program.  It was fantastic to watch the ways in which they looked after and handled our fluffly little chicks, ensuring the program was a huge success.

Mrs Tara Murphy
Area G Teacher

NAIDOC: Aboriginal Cultural Awareness day

On Tuesday, the 25th July, Bush Rangers hosted an Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Day.  The day was to continue to nurture our development of a culturally aware school and show respect and continue to build an understanding of all of our cultural groups both within our school and the wider community.  We arranged a number of engaging workshops including Wadumbah Indigenous Dance Group, Derek from Yanchep National Park Aboriginal Education Team, Hunting and Gathering, Yulunga Games, Didgeridoo Performance and Boomerang Painting.

Wadumbah Indigenous Dance:
‘Wadumbah’ means ‘Big Flood Waters’ and the Wadumbah Indigenous Dance Group live up to their name. They are a professional Aboriginal dance group from South-West of Western Australia. The group performed a 45 minute show that presented our students with traditional Aboriginal tribal dances, traditional outfits and tribal paint as well as powerful didgeridoo playing. The Wadumbah Dance Troupe told students stories of the Dreaming and demonstrate the power of telling stories through various art.

They also gave our students a traditional Noogar Welcome to Country on the day.

Derek from Yanchep National Park Aboriginal Education Team:
Hunting and gathering - Students gained an understanding of the Nyoongar people and their traditional hunting skills by trying their own hand at spear and boomerang throwing. They were given an insight into the importance of movement, sign language and using all of their senses as well as learned about the traditional roles of family members in day to day life. Students had an opportunity to look at some tools.
Didgeridoo - Students were introduced to the didgeridoo and were taught to identify sounds used in storytelling.

Yulunga Games:
Yulunga means “playing” in the language of the Kamilaroi (Gamori) people of north-western New South Wales. Students were given the opportunity to play some traditional Aboriginal Games that helped to deepen students understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture. Sport has always played a major role in developing a socially cohesive environment within society. Many games we know today have evolved from traditional games of the past.

Boomerang Painting:
Boomerangs are a curved throwing stick used by the Aboriginal people for hunting and warfare. They were also used as works of art and were often painted or carved with designs that related to the legends and traditions of those indigenous Australians. This year during the class activity, each student will have the opportunity to paint and decorate their own boomerang with traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander art symbols learning more about how these symbols were used to convey stories.  The amazing finished products are proudly on display in the display boxes out the front of the school reception.

Mrs Donna Cleary
Education Assistant/Bush Ranger Committee member

Area K

The Diary of a Teacher Prac Student

This term I was fortunate enough to complete my third practicum at West Coast Secondary Education Support Centre.

I was placed with the wonderful Area K with Mrs Waldock, Mrs Doyle and the excellent Education Assistants.

It has been a busy 10 weeks for Area K. The term started off with NAIDOC week and the Aboriginal Cultural Day and then we had the Athletics Carnival and Daffodil Day.

During the Term, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach the students all about Aboriginal Culture. Not only did they create their own dreamtime stories they also produced some fantastic Aboriginal artwork. Displayed in Area K is ‘Our Meeting Place’ artwork and our Aboriginal rock paintings.

Towards the end of Term 3, we had our Sakura Festival where the students created a spectacular class collage reflecting Japanese culture. All their hard work paid off, as Area K took home the first prize!

We then had our class Excursion in Week 10. Together as a class, we went to Yanchep National Park and participated in an Aboriginal Experience tour and a Koala Viewing tour. It was an amazing day and a great end to my practicum.

I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff and students at West Coast SESC and a special thank you to Mrs Waldock and everyone in Area K. I will always remember my time here and hope to come back soon.

Miss Bella Corompt 
Practicum Placement Student (teacher)

City of Joondalup: Council meeting and Youth forum

On Tuesday the 22nd of August, a small group of upper-school students had the opportunity to attend the City of Joondalup Council meeting and Youth Forum.

Our students were among 86 student leaders from secondary schools within the City of Joondalup district. During the Youth Forum, Corroboree For Life conducted a leadership session, which empowered all students to strive to make a difference and understand what it takes to be a leader. Our students were active members of the session, providing great responses and ideas to the open discussion, so much so that some received gift vouchers from the organisers. They participated with confidence to identify their own understanding of what it means to be a leader and to identify leaders within their own lives.

Following the workshop, the students then had the privilege of attending the Council Meeting where students met the City of Joondalup Mayor, Mayor Jacob. Attending the Council Meeting was a fantastic opportunity for our students to observe the platform in which members of the public interact with Local Government.  The students gained insight into how the public can present their questions and have their voices heard and to familiarise themselves with the decision-making processes undertaken for important government initiatives.

Mrs Rebecca Wenn
Education Assistant

Barista Busters

This term Byron has been training on our coffee machine.  He has learned how to grind the coffee, operate the machine, and thicken the milk as well as sterilize the machine after use. Congratulations on your efforts Byron, you have shown persistence and enthusiasm and with more practice you will make a terrific Barista!

Milan and Kara have been operating our juicer to squeeze beautiful fresh orange juice to offer for sale on our coffee mornings each Tuesday.  Both girls have grown in confidence and can operate the juicer independently.  Well done Milan and Kara!

Lachlan, Josh and Kasey have alternated taking orders and customer service along with baking some delicious treats to compliment the coffee.  I’m sure the receiving staff have enjoyed these special treats each Tuesday.

Mrs Sue Kelly & Mrs Gaye Yanev
Education Assistants, Enterprise

Employment Buddy program

The Employee Buddy Program is an amazing opportunity that my school has given me. It was a worthwhile experience that helped me develop work place skills. We have had lessons in the classroom where Nikky from the Employment Buddy Program taught us about work health and safety as well as how to be appropriate at the workplace. We discussed as dressing, grooming, hygiene, behaviour and interactions with work colleges. I really enjoyed the way Nicky taught us with numerous videos and interactive educational games. In addition to the classroom work the Employee Buddy Program also offered two choices workplaces you would like to try for a day. For example, my choices were fitness and school teaching. Thus, I had the opportunity to go to Dianella Primary School to be an Educational Assistant in Kindergarten. I also went to Plus Fitness Gym where I assisted in personal training for a day. I would 100% recommend this program to other students. It is a great opportunity to learn about potential careers, how to apply for jobs and how to manage yourself in an employment setting.

Mikayla Koppl
Year 11 Student

Landsdale Farm

It has been another busy and exciting term at Landsdale Farm for our amazing team of students and staff. We have been involved in many rewarding projects, including helping with animal care and working with tools to restore furniture and enhance the farm’s outdoor settings for visitors. Working at Landsdale Farm provides students with opportunities to develop their communication and leadership skills in the workplace. Students work together as a team to problem-solve and find the best way to complete a task. It is wonderful to see students and staff working together so cohesively.
Every student has the opportunity to achieve success at Landsdale Farm.

Ms Julie Day (Teacher) and Mrs Sarah Hills (Education Assistant)

Area B update

In science we have been learning about different forms of energy. Students have been making their own battery-powered electrical circuits and conducting a series of ‘hair-raising’ investigations with static electricity. They were able to bend water, make pepper jump out of a container and move empty cans across a table all by using static electricity that they had produced themselves. Ask an Area B student how they did it!

Students have also been investigating how electricity may be generated in different ways and identifying the impact on the environment. In class, we modelled mining for fossil fuels by using toothpicks to remove chocolate chips (coal deposits) from a cookie (representing bedrock) and noting what happened to the cookie’s ‘habitat’ after it had been mined. This led to an interesting discussion about how mining for fossil fuels affects the Earth and what action Australia, and other countries, are taking to reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources.   

In the last week of term, Area B will be attending Scitech where students will be able to observe and measure energy in action and investigate how we can use it more efficiently.

Ms Julie Day
Area B Teacher

Work skills room

It has been another exciting term for us in the Work Skills Room.  Jenny Hermans recently joined the team and is now working four days in the Work Skills Room. 

Term 3 has still seen a lot of our usual work from Remida, which involves sorting lids from bottles, pairing laces, and cutting vinyl.  This allows the students to choose their own ‘special jobs’.  This promotes independence and we’ve found this has been popular with a lot of our regular classes.

This term Miss Woods came in to contact with a company named ‘Give Write’.  This organisation provides school supplies to give kids in need the tools to succeed.  Our room was given 3 Large containers full of all types of Texta’s.

All students attending work skills have spent weeks, sorting, cleaning, recycling, and repackaging Texta’s ready to be regifted. 

Because of the hard work put in by our students, we’ve now received the next lot of containers, this time, containing coloured pencils.


Ms Karen Woods
Education Assistant 

Area F News


This term, in Area F we have been learning about natural resources and scarcity in HASS. We have also been looking at non-renewable and renewable resources in Rangers and how we can manage these resources in todays’ modern world.

As part of this learning, one of our students, Braydon, has started a new recycling project. Braydon is passionate about anything to do with waste disposal, bins and garbage trucks. This term he has started researching the effects of our waste disposal in our society and the impact it has on our environment and wildlife. He is learning how you can recycle at home and at our school, so that less waste ends up in landfill.

Each week he has been collecting scrap paper, cardboard and plastic from classrooms school and sorting out the recyclable items into separate bins. He has learnt how to flat pack cardboard boxes and shred paper using a shredder in work skills. He has also been collecting Containers for Change items during his recycling run and crushing them in thew can crusher. The ten cents refund for all containers are being donated back to our school Bushrangers Program.

In this role, Braydon has been able to develop his communication and social skills. He enjoys communicating with staff and peers and as a result, has strengthened his passion for working in this role in the future.  

Hopefully, if we all play our part and recycle more, we can preserve our natural resources and protect our environment and wildlife for a more sustainable future.

Its ‘bin’ good chatting!

Braydon Baker (Year 10 student) and Miss Chantelle Parish (Education Assistant)

Chaplain's Corner

YouthCARE now has an online safety hub for all teachers, staff and families.

We have partnered with ySAFE who have been around since 2013, and they have become Australia's leading provider of cyber safety education. They are known for having an eclectic team of child psychologists, ex-police officers and teachers who specialise in cyber safety.

The website is easy to navigate and provides much needed information for what students are now accessing through many online platforms.

Just follow this link https://youthcare.onlinesafetyhub.com.au/ and explore this site for yourselves and hopefully you will find out all things you may have been wanting to know.

Your YouthCARE Chaplain
Mr Malcolm Harding 

Area E update

We are thrilled to share the latest highlights from Area E. Our students have been busy and engaged in various activities that contribute to their growth and development.

Culinary Adventures: The students in Area E have embarked on a culinary journey with the introduction of using air fryers. They've successfully mastered cooking hot chips from scratch, turning humble potatoes into delicious treats. This hands-on experience enhances their life skills, safety and independence in the kitchen.

Tech Triumphs: Our students have been honing their digital skills through the 'Typing Club' program. Learning to type efficiently is a valuable skill that will aid their communication and future endeavors. We're proud of their progress and enthusiasm in embracing this challenge.

Kindness Shines: Friendship Fridays have been heartwarming as our students exemplify kindness and forge deeper connections. Through these gestures, they not only exhibit empathy but also cultivate meaningful relationships that contribute to a positive and inclusive school environment.

Literary Delights: Book Day brought a wave of excitement as both staff and students dressed up as their favourite book and movie characters. This event not only celebrated the joy of reading but also encouraged creativity and self-expression.

We are grateful for your continued support in fostering an enriching and supportive learning environment for our students. Together, we are helping them thrive and develop essential skills that will serve them well into the future.

Mrs Amanda Letizia, Mr Anthony Raschillia & Mrs Anne Harmsworth
Area E teachers

Education Assistant Appreciation week

Week 7 of this term was Education Assistant Appreciation Week and throughout the week, our wonderful EA’s received small little ‘appreciation gifts’ in their pigeon holes.  On Wednesday they enjoyed a delicious morning tea supplied by the Teachers of WCSESC.

We are very lucky to have such an incredible bunch of committed, unique, and wonderful Education Assistants who, without them, our classrooms would not run as efficiently and effectively.


Mrs Erica Waldock

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