West Coast Secondary Education Support Centre prides itself on the relationship built with the school community, working closely with individuals to ensure the best outcome for our students.  Here are just a few examples of testimonials we have received:

Feedback Received from a lecturer from North Metro TAFE who was at our school doing an assessment on a prac student

“What a lovely, warm and welcoming feel this school has.  All the staff really look like they love their jobs and want to be here, and that shows in the students.   It is not very often I come across a school with a vibe like this”.

Feedback Received from a Leading Medical Professional

“I just want to express my admiration for the work that you and your staff do at West Coast SESC for children with disabilities.  I have had a number of children with autism who have attended your school and in a world where there is so much indifference and rejection of kids with disabilities it is refreshing to come across a school that is so inclusive and welcoming.  Your student has told me how much better he feels being at your school compared to where he used to attend.  This is making a great difference to his mental health in a positive way.  Please pass on my sentiments to your staff.  There is not enough thanks for the acceptance and dedication that they show”.

Feedback Received following the End of Year Parent Assembly

“Today I had the great pleasure of attending your assembly for the Education Support children and I would just like to say what a wonderful job you have all done.  It was great to see the big msiles from students and adults alike.  Thank you all so much for the time and effort you have given to help our children.  With much respect from a proud grandmother”.

Feedback Received from a Parent following an Information Evening

“I am so grateful for the school providing these information sessions such as the Open Cafes and the information evening the other night as it keeps us informed and gives parents an insight as to what is available for their children.  I used to get so stressed about all this stuff, but now what with my LAC and School, I am not so worried.  All I can say is keep up the good work, you are all doing a great job”.

Parent Diary Note

“Hi all, thank you so much for the lovely prezzies and for all your efforts.  You guys are amazing!!  Our son loved his prezzie and he loves Abba!  Thanks”.

Parent Comment Received in a Card

“We would like to express our gratitude for your kindness and help during our son’s study at WCSESC.
We agree with you that our son enjoys studying at WCSESC. Therefore, he has made good progress in all tasks, including the new task (ie. Multilit and reading).

Let us hope for the best that he will continue gaining skills in reading by attending the Multilit reading program under the supervision of your Multilit Coordinator and my daugher at home.  FYI, my daughter and I discussed this program with your Multilit Coordinator and my son’s teacher last week.

We would like to acknowledge you and our son’s teacher for all your help and support at WCSESC.
With best wishes”.

Parent Note

“Thank you very much for organising the Open Cafe.  It gave me a lot of ideas and information which helped me to go about making future plans for my daughter. I’m sure that many parents like me are very ignorant about how to get assistance regarding future plans for our children and many other things that help our children with better education.

Not only that, but I’ve also learnt about what to expect when she grows up.  Indeed it’s very important.  As a parent we need a lot of support and information from other sources and other parents’ input provides additional information which can benefit our children”.

Parent Note entitled “Find the Right Village”

“It is often said that “it takes a village to raise a child”; and whilst this statement becomes more important when you discover you are the parents of a child with special needs, what is even more critical is the choosing of the right village and the correct mix of the village people”.

Our daughter is now 15 years old and we as the parents have both unfortunately and fortunately picked both the wrong and right “villages” for her to be part of during her schooling education.

We have found that if you pick the wrong “village”, you have people that have all the right intentions, but no skill set or ability to “raise the child”.  Make the right decision and then you have a “village” that not only has the capacity to care for the “child” but also “raise the child” in a way that not only provides a positive impact on the “child” and the “village” but also on other “villages”.

The “child” is our daughter and her “village” is West Coast Secondary Education Support Centre, which is not only providing an amazing and positive impact on her, but also her parents”.

Parent Note

“I have two children that attended West Coast SESC which both loved going to school every day and as a parent there was an open door policy which made the transition very easy from primary school to high school and this continued through their high school journey”.