We are delighted to advise parents that students can purchase items from the canteen using cash on the Warwick site which will provide our students with the opportunity to practise vital skills such as communication, social skills and money handling.

Students have the opportunity to purchase items for the day between 8.00am – 8.30am or at recess and lunch time. Arrangements have been made with the canteen for our students to be able to go over to the canteen a few minutes prior to the start of recess and lunch to avoid the rush.

The canteen at the Warwick site also has the option for online ordering. Accounts for the online system can be set up as follows:

Visit: – you will be directed to the following site:

You will be directed to the site of Quickcliq. Click on the Sign Up Tab in the top left hand corner of the page and enter an email address and password.

What To Do:

Sign up by completing the registration form.  You will receive a confirmation email with an activation link.  Activate your account and login to the website.

Add your child’s details (see below) and add credit to your account.  Credit can be added by PayPal, Credit Card and Direct Debit.

In the User (student/participant) detail section, you must select Warwick Senior High School as the school and add your child’s class “Area _” into the tutor/room section and under teacher’s name, add West Coast SESC.

Follow the prompts under the Meal Order tab to choose your food.  Click on “Pay and Place Order” to finalise the process.

Please click on the link below to view the Canteen Menu for 2019:

2019 Canteen Menu